/ Networking services

On-Site repair of Apple iMacWe offer networking services to home users and small businesses. Our experienced IT specialists provide support, implementation and consulting services to help you operate your network infrastructure. We help you define your personal and business needs for data and voice communications. For your convenience and ability to respond to future needs, we design solutions to solve your problems.

Networking services include:

  1. Software support - we offer assistance for problem diagnostics and software updates.
  2. Hardware Support - our experienced IT specialists provide different types of hardware repair on your networks.
  3. Hardware upgrades – our IT specialists can offer you options to upgrade your existing network, and make it faster, more stable, and reliable.
  4. Deployment and Installation services - we provide these services to reduce risk of network downtime and to avoid configuration errors.
  5. Network Setup and Management –we will deliver and maintain effective networks. From basic home networks, to more advanced small business, Server type networks.
  6. IT Administrative Services-Our IT experts will provide you with outstanding customer support.

Why we think our services will benefit you? Here is why:

  1. Reducing of operational costs
  2. Complete network setup from scratch. Wiring, installation, setup, network hardware implementation
  3. Improving network availability witch will reduce downtime
  4. Increased productivity
  5. We manage your network, so you don’t need to worry about it
  6. Better systems performance
  7. Reliability and security within the IT environment

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