/ Remote support services

On-Site repair of Apple iMacIf you can’t personally come to our office, and you have a small issue such as software setup, email issues, browser issues, or problems of software kind that can be addressed remotely, our experienced technicians will offer you the remote support option to save time, and money of an onsite visit.

When remote support is concerned, we accept clients nation wide, and will do our best to help you out with an issue that can be addressed remotely, which you will know right after you describe the problem to our tech.

We wont waste your time, and charge you for sitting around and pretending that we are remotely moving the mouse and not doing anything. You will be able to see our tech at work while he communicates with you, and attempts to solve your issue remotely.

Our tech will explain all the rates, and conditions of remote support before they start work, and it is up to you to accept them or decline.

Remote support is done through our secure online remote control app that is quick to install on your computer, and very user friendly.

In case your problem cant be resolved remotely, you will be offered onsite service, if in applicable distance from our location. For more info please call to inquire, or visit this link.

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